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The Parental Mental Health Podcast
Blue MumDays is a podcast about perinatal illness, parenting and being kind to yourself. Up to 1 in 5 mums and 1 in 10 dads will suffer with their mental health after the birth of their baby. Having once interviewed the likes of Sir David Attenborough and Hans Zimmer during my BBC career, I’m now speaking to mums, dads and mental health experts each week, in an effort to understand my own experience of postnatal depression. Dispelling myths, smashing stigma & bringing hope to parents having a hard time.

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Vikki Stephenson

Vikki Stephenson is a Senior Creative, Consultant and Speaker with 20 years’ experience making award-winning campaigns for the BBC’s highest profile brands: Planet Earth II, Panorama, CBeebies, EastEnders, Dracula. Her work has been recognised internationally, winning 35+ industry awards - most since becoming a mum and working part-time.

In 2012 Vikki gave birth to her much-wanted son Stanley. Whilst she loved him dearly, she suffered a traumatic birth and felt overwhelmed and ill-equipped with the responsibility of bringing a human being into the world. She very quickly developed PND and anxiety, which left her with feelings of total failure. She worried that she didn't have the right answers, instincts or knowledge to be 'good enough' as Stanley's mum. The first year of Stan's life was sadly the hardest of Vikki's and she endlessly compared herself to others who seemed to find motherhood easy. However, through the support of the Cedar House Charity and long-term anti-depressants, Vikki slowly recovered.

11 years on, she is now a passionate advocate of perinatal mental health and is on a mission to help parents feel less alone, through her podcast series ‘Blue MumDays’. Its purpose is to help other mums and dads better understand their illness and give them the hope that they will make a full recovery. It gives a voice to the lived experience of real sufferers who have reached the other side, and - through interviews with experts – will signpost mums, dads, their partners and friends to help and support that may be hard to find.